yoga before breakfast

it was on a cold snowy morning that not for the first time, but in a long time I practiced yoga before breakfast.¬†As part of the Whistler Club Shred programme free yoga classes are provided twice a week at 18 Below Base II. Tuesday’s @5:30-6:30 pm and on Thursday morning’s @6:00-7:00 am. This was the first time I had gotten up so early (5:15 am) to do a yoga class, it was still dark outside, gently snowing and cold!

Upon arrival I was warmly greeted by our yoga teacher Laura. As we started our practice I became fully focussed in the present. There must be something about doing yoga just after waking up that helps the mind focus. Now I come to think about it it makes sense right, the mind is fresh, there is no junk in there from the days activities, it’s a blank canvas ready to begin, new again. As we neared the end of the practice I remember feeling surprised at how focussed I had remained throughout. The feeling was lightening.

Coming to the end posture Savasana my mind always tends to wonder off into a hazy dream. This time I drifted back to my time in Portugal 2017, a different place that was warm and full of light, a place where the sun shone and every practice was accompanied by the gentle sound of the ocean. During namaste I gave thanks to the person who gave me this special memory @Cecilie Ragnhildstveit.

+ shout out to these bad ass Whistler yogi’s: @Laura Davis @Erin Grier

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Whistler Blackcomb Staff Club Shred Programme:

Surf & Yoga re-treat Portugal:

Further free practices are available at the B7 Yoga Lounge staff housing with Erin Grier on Saturday’s at 6:30 pm & 7:30 pm.