thought; if it were to all end tomorrow could we say our goodbyes and look back with no regrets. Could we rest in peace, content knowing we had done all we could, seen, listened, learned and experienced the joys the world has to offer. We often talk of change, complaining about this thing or that, sweating the small stuff, wishing that things were different, but how often do we really put words into action. It is easier to sit there and complain right. How often do we push ourselves out of our comfort zones, remove those comfy slippers, shake off that warm blanket, take one deep breath, step out into the cold, go forward and don’t look back. Life is after all defined by the choices we make.

This is a work and travel blog telling a story of a guy who went through a classical English school education, secondary school, university and then work. 14 years and a successful career later…then what? Settle down, buy a house, a fancy car, focus on starting a family. Was that the next step?

I took some time for thought, made some experiences and asked myself when did I feel most full of life? It became clear I wasn’t quite ready for building my nest, not in Germany or the UK at least so I decided to step off the train and take life in a slightly different direction. To try a new way, a different path I had always dreamed of, but never found the right moment to put into motion. I had talked enough, it was now time to put words into action. It was time to start a new journey and enter the next chapter.

This is a blog about a journey of work and travel beginning in the snowy mountains of Canada down to the surf beaches of California, through the luscious jungles of Middle America, across the deep blue Pacific and beyond. Financially the aim and perhaps the biggest challenge will be to try and remain cost neutral while still enjoying as much of the land & people around me as possible. For the most part I do not intend to be just a fleeting tourist, nor do I wish it. I intend to live and work with the people of the countries I stay with. To integrate and to work and travel along the way. After all, isn’t the best way to experience a culture to be apart of it.

This is the idea at least. A few ideas I had in my mind eventually scribbled down on two maps printed off the internet. By no means spontaneous. This journey was a long time in the planning, mentally at least. I wonder, do dreams really come true.

The Route