a story of work and travel beginning in the snowy mountains of Canada…oh wait, hang on a minute, the mountain bug got me! Could this be a place I make a home…? Now this is what I call freedom, no time pressure, freedom of choice, to wonder, to live how, where, however we choose…we make our own way…down to the surf beaches of California, through the luscious jungles of Middle America, across the deep blue pacific and beyond About

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Becoming a Canadian Wilderness Adventures Tour Guide

Summer is over and it’s time to draw this chapter to a close. After Winter 2017/2018 at the Tube Park I needed to progress into a job that would enable me to grow, something more than just to get by. I was after somewhere where I could learn, improve my skill set and engage my body and mind. I bounced the idea off close friends, one in particular said “Kyle – have you considered becoming a guide at Canadian Wilderness Adventures”.

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